Beginner Procreate Tutorial: Repeat Type

Here’s a quick, easy tutorial in Procreate for a fun way to use fonts! Perfect for beginners and pros alike! I can’t wait to see what you create!

Sadie Brush:








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23 Comments to “Beginner Procreate Tutorial: Repeat Type”

  1. i have procreate pocket and i’m having lots of trouble. i’m trying to figure some things out. i’m new to procreate and i get frustrated easily witch doesn’t help. i have watched this video over and over again and it doesn’t work for me. i’m not sure if it’s because you are doing this on procreate and i’m using pocket or what do you have any tips, and can you do some videos for beginners?

  2. Hello, I first came across you while on TikTok. I have watched several hours of your videos on here and TikTok. I just have one question. In almost every video you have done you do a gesture at the end of your work on Procreate 99% of the time and I'm curious – you tap your screen at the end of each video with what looks to be four fingers. Is this something the "sets" the creation in Procreate or is it just something you do? Please satisfy my curiosity by answering. Oh and btw, I love your videos. I'm on TikTok but have yet to make a video. But, I think I've watched almost all of yours and was excited to find you here too.


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