Character Animation in Procreate: How to Add Detail

Small, engaging details can lend life and personality to even the most basic character animation. In this Procreate tutorial, illustrator Danni Fisher-Shin shares simple ways to use secondary animation by adding a bouncing ponytail and over-the-shoulder jacket to the outline of a woman in a simple walking sequence. To start from the beginning with a complete Procreate animation how-to, join Fisher-Shin for Animating in Procreate: Simple Steps to Create Awesome Animations, a Skillshare Original:



00:00 Introduction: Meet Dani Fisher-Shin
00:16 What Is Secondary Animation?
00:41 Examples of Secondary Character Animation in Procreate
01:42 Adding the Hair
02:50 Customizing Wave Animation
03:22 Referencing Your First and Last Frame
04:00 Animating the Jacket
05:14 Applying the Wave Principle to Other Animated Objects
06:20 Adding the Sleeves
07:00 Offsetting Secondary Animation to Add Dimension
07:45 Why Keep Animation in Separate Layers?



If you can draw—even a stick figure—you can animate, and acclaimed illustrator and animator Danni Fisher-Shin is here to show you how:

Animation may seem daunting, but programs like Procreate 5 are making it easier than ever for artists and illustrators to bring their work to life. Danni knows this firsthand, and her cel animation style as translated to Procreate makes what can feel like an impossibly complex process much simpler, more efficient, and easier to refine.

Known for her empowering female character designs, Danni’s style brings fun and energy to this class that you won’t want to miss. Throughout her artistic career, Danni has experimented with different styles, formats, and methods of creating art. Procreate 5’s new animation tools—specifically, a handy little feature called Animation Assist—have made her animating on her iPad that much easier, and now she’s passing those skills on to you.

If you’re curious about animation but have never quite managed to try it, Danni’s step-by-step class is perfect for you!

With Danni’s friendly and straightforward teaching style, you’ll learn how to:

— Choose a character design with animation top of mind
— Master Procreate 5’s new animation feature, Animation Assist
— Use keyframes and offsetting to create a life-like walk cycle
— Adapt traditional cel-style animation to create an Instagram-worthy GIF

Join Danni in a fun and fantastic adventure through Procreate 5’s new animation tools, and come away with a new understanding of just how much life you can breathe into your art.



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Danni Fisher-Shin is a professional animator and illustrator born and raised in Los Angeles, California. With a passion for intersectional feminism, empathy, and empowerment through art, she strives to create work that reflects what she wants to see in the world—or at least makes someone smile. Currently an art director and designer at Scholar, she’s created work for many clients, including Google, Netflix, Procreate, and more.



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