Creating a Dispersion Effect in PROCREATE

Create a dispersion effect in Procreate in this easy to follow tutorial

In this Procreate tutorial for beginners I will show you how you can create a dispersion effect in Procreate. Remember, if things are going too fast, just pause the video and take your time.

Here’s the photo I used in the video:

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In this Procreate tutorial you will be learning by doing! I will show you different techniques you can use in Procreate, like using the liquify tool, clone tool and more! Be sure to share your results!

Be sure to check out my Procreate easy drawing tutorials as well. In those real time drawing tutorials you will draw things like a water droplet, a diamond, an iris, a snowy landscape, a tropical scene and more using the free brushes that come with Procreate:

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34 Comments to “Creating a Dispersion Effect in PROCREATE”

  1. Hi.Please could you tell me what's wrong when I try to liquify, it just moves the person without distorting at all?I am doing the exact same steps as in the tutorial.Thanks loads.

  2. Me: uses apple pen, and the pen goes like flash on my ipad pro
    Also me: sees other people using apple pen and they’re apple pen goes like a pen on a paper SCRREEEE

  3. WOW>>I knew there was a clone there, but I never used it (or actually knew what it was for) I haven’t looked through procreate and used probably half of what is there LOL. So wait, when you did the “clone” it actually “removed the guy” and not just painted over him?


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