How To Cartoon Yourself In Procreate | Step by Step Tutorial – Cartooning Myself

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How to cartoon yourself in procreate – step by step tutorial. Today I will be cartooning myself! That should be fun!
With this method you can make digital illustrations of photos. Procreate tutorial using Ipad Pro.

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35 Comments to “How To Cartoon Yourself In Procreate | Step by Step Tutorial – Cartooning Myself”

  1. I do apologize. Your video is helpful, however some of us are not as quick in certain areas as others. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind doing another video at a slower pace. I have watched other videos that were good. But, none of them paint. If not that's cool. I'll just watch it over and over until I get it. I appreciate your time in creating this video and all the others. Thank you.

  2. H

    I love watching videos of people cartooning themselves but for some reason this one was really hard to watch. Just some constructive criticism maybe don't put the super loud and upbeat music in the background. Voiceovers will nice subtle music or no music at all in the background tend to be much more relaxing when it comes to watching these videos. But you're super talented and this drawing was AMAZING!! 🙂


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