How to Draw a Waterfall // Procreate Tutorial

Learn to draw in Procreate using this detailed tutorial about how to draw a waterfall! With a rainbow! (You gotta have the rainbow). Start with a basic sketch and follow along as we slowly add details and texture. Create watercolor wash textures using my latest brush set: Wash & Dry Watercolor toolkit. This video is a great way to get familiar with that set.

Wash & Dry Watercolor Toolkit:

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MAKE ART EVERYDAY // I believe that creativity can make a profound impact on people’s lives, no matter their skill level. If I could offer one piece of advice about establishing a daily art-making habit, it would be to make it as easy as possible for you to create. Make your tools accessible, and remove any barriers that might stop you from doing it. With the iPad and Procreate, you have hundreds of tools and every color imaginable at your disposal. Make art anytime, anywhere.

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33 Comments to “How to Draw a Waterfall // Procreate Tutorial”

  1. Hi Lisa! I bought your Master collection with all the brushes. I wanted to follow along this specific tutorial for the waterfalls but when I'm looking at the dry brushes, I don't have the ones you're mentioning. I have a set called "dry brush" but not the one called "Bardot Dry" (I do have the "Bardot Wash, though"). Is there some kind of error when buying the Master collection? Because that set is 21 brushes I paid for but didn't get… help, please 🙂

  2. I love your tutorials. I just got an iPad and I'm hoping to practice and get better with drawing on it. Your tutorials are really clear and concise and super helpful. I was wondering if you had any yet on drawing underwater scenes?

  3. O yes lisa, this is very helpful to me! Thank you! Now I can use a waterfall scene on my animated AMV! Thank u! Don’t ever stop on what you love because your amazing at it! 🙂

  4. Hi Lisa , thank you as always for a great tutorial and and your truly inspirational and upbeat website. I recently purchased these brushes and can thoroughly recommend them , I have a question about their use. What is the significance of the little reverse arrow icon next to the 3 edging brushes, can they be inverted so that the edge is on the reverse side? If so how do you do this? I also love your marker brushes which give beautiful special effects, so keep up the good work!


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