How to fit the letter builder into grids | Procreate tutorial

Easily fit the Letter Builder into any shape and grid inside procreate using transform and warp tool.
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20 Comments to “How to fit the letter builder into grids | Procreate tutorial”

  1. sam

    Oh man thanks so much for this video! I have the letter builder and stopped using it because I couldn’t get the letters to fit like I wanted to but I was approaching it all wrong! Gonna give it another shot today.

  2. THANK YOU!! Question: how did you get to the functions to select part of a layer to delete at :40 ?? I always end up spending forever with my eraser! Even slowing your video down, I can’t quite follow how you got to that menu to cut!

  3. First. People needed to see this. I don’t think people realized you were using these tools to stretch. Love the product guys! You and Ian are making some good stuff out here!


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