How To Set Shipping From Oversea In Shopee Malaysia

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Hey guys , I am Weng Honn here , thanks you for watching this video .Subscribe to my you tube channel if you have not .Let me know what you want to learn at the comment box below , and I will create a tutorial just for you .

Lets get started.

I received tonnes of questions on hei Weng , how do I set the shipping if I am dropshipping from chinabrands or Aliexpress to my shopee store ?

Therefore , I decided to create this video and I hope that it can help you guys to settle this problems once and for all . Please help me to share this video out on your social media such as facebook , to help others on this shipping thinggy as well.

In this video you will learn 2 things:
1)How to look for shipping cost from different dropshipping supplier
2)How to set the shipping cost from different supplier on your Malaysia Shopee store

The way you set your shipping from oversea in you shopee store in Malaysia , is really depends on which dropship supplier that you are using .

You are not eligible for Shopee free shipping , as your products will be directly ship from your supplier instead from you .

Now let do a quick comparison on overseas shipping cost from different dropshipping supplier.

We have chinabrands and aliexpress as the biggest dropship supplier that we can use.
Lets have a compare on this travel bag over here.
Lets start with chinabrands .

Scroll through all the shipping cost ,the cheapeast want will be $3.54 and the seconds cheapest will be $4.07 .

For the $3.54 it needs to take 10-15 days to delivery , and $4.07 it needs to take 10- 20 days . I not sure why the cheapest one is faster .

Lets just say we pick this $ 3.54

Next , lets go to aliexpress , similiar products , we have free shipping that needs 20-35 days to deliver
, we have $0.21 delive before 1/20 , which is long ass

The most rational decision will be this $11.32 for 18-30 days.

But , if I were you , I will not select this supplier , as the shipping cost
Is way too way and the delivery days are way too long as well.

Do not worry on if you did not get the supplier that you want ,
At your first products there are millions of supplier on aliexpress
That you can choose from . So ,just spent some times in looking for aother supplier /

Once you have this information , on your shopee shipping , 2
Things that we want to do ,
#1 set the shipping cost over here.
#2 click on this preorder here . As our products obviously is not
Going to delivered within 7 days .

So , this is how you can shipping from oversea in shopee malaysia .

thanks you for watching this video .Subscribe to my you tube channel if you have not .Let me know what you want to learn at the comment box below , and I will create a tutorial just for you .Last but not least , I am your host Weng Honn .

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41 Comments to “How To Set Shipping From Oversea In Shopee Malaysia”

  1. Yn

    Pls reply I need help so I really need to know which website or the app(examples dhl,ups..)is best to worldwide ship to many countries?

  2. Good day, I am at my end witts, how can I ask Shopee Philippines to deliver my goods to South Africa. Do I need an address in the Philippines, and will they sent my items direct from the Philippines to South Africa. I know do this, but items goes from Philippines to US and then to South Africa. How can I ship direct from Philippines to South Africa.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Weng, i having issue for the publishing product! How do i change that shipping from overseas? It automatic showing shipping from what i staying location…

  4. I got listing violation because all my products are set to "Pre-Order", and Shopee would deem it as a trouble seller. They don't seem to encourage that. Neither I am able to set the Default Address from Overseas. I am only restricted to Malaysian address choices. I wish to get rid of the Local Seller label as it will cause misunderstanding to buyers assuming I could deliver the goods within 24-48 hrs timeframe.

  5. Hi Weng, I see that alot of the seller that have (An aeroplane logo) Shipping fee from : overseas to (malaysia location).
    But for mine was like Pre-Order ships in xx days , a lorry logo (shipping fee : RMXX). And from below of the product specification will be writing "Ship from : (My location).
    May i know how does those seller can set it for the "Aeroplane logo" without the pre-order on it?
    Appreciate if that you can explain on this. Thank you 🙂


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