Instagram Models Are Not Real Models. Agree or Disagree? | Spectrum


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00:00 Intro
00:22 Instagram Models are Real Models
02:42 Models Secretly Judge Fat People
03:26 Models Encourage Eating Disorders
04:43 Modeling Promotes Unhealthy Beauty Standards
08:24 I am Okay With Being Photoshopped
10:59 I Have Insecurities About My Body
13:14 Wrap

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47 Comments to “Instagram Models Are Not Real Models. Agree or Disagree? | Spectrum”

  1. It's just a different kind of model, the same way there's runway models and hand models. Are Instagram models runway models? No, the same way runway models aren't instagram models.
    At the end of the day anyone called a model is essentially doing something that is monetized based on their looks and how they look wearing something. Instagram models are just a different kind for different items with different style.

  2. "i dont think its the modeling industry as a whole that is promoting that look, i think its social media and influencers" Isnt that what you are? an instagram model who now is considered a model because you have gained a following?

  3. I think it’s not right to throw all the blame on the kardashians or social media for promoting unhealthy beauty standards. Before the kardashians the goal was to be a super thin “Victoria’s secret model”, that was unhealthy. Obviously women on social media are now going for a different look, which is also unhealthy. But I don’t think the root of the problem lies in the kardashians or one single person/group. It’s society and what people like which changes all the time. There’s always a new look to achieve—breast implants, tummy tucks, lip injections, nose jobs, BBL’s etc

  4. While I think all of these people are lovely, they also seem to somewhat lack depth. To say models don’t promote unhealthy beauty standards and then pivot and say they’re okay with a little cosmetic photoshop in order to tell a story (amongst other things) is indicative enough for me.

  5. Trigger warning – mention of eating disorders

    Proof that their beauty standards cause eating disorders is that, as a young girl, by the age of 10 I began counting calories on an app as a result of comparing myself to the models with perfect figures & 0 cellulite. By the age of 16, I was body dysmorphic, binging & purging meals multiple times a day, constantly thinking about food & my appearance, absolutely disgusted with myself & extremely unhealthy.

  6. These guys are delusional the girl said at the beginning of the video said if you’re feeling cute and you think you’re a model you’re a model if I read five books about medicine am I a doctor. Those plus size models are dangerously obese and I worry about them.

  7. How come blurring out acne and etc is "acceptable" photoshop, but slimming down or reducing rolls etc is considered toxic. Something I've always wondered, especially since acne and skin conditions are for the most part out of your control, whereas weight is relatively easier to control and change.

  8. Bec

    As a photographer, there are a lot of beautiful Instagram models who I would pay to be my model. If they are not a "professional" model, it is because the industry doesn't accept their height, or size, look, etc. But really, a lot of people find them beautiful. To me, a model is someone who knows how to pose and work professionally. Meaning – they know and understand composition, forming shapes with their body, can do their own makeup and hair (doesn't need to be professional level, but know how to amp up certain features if they need to). A lot of beautiful gorgeous Instagram models I've worked with and LOVED were too "short" like 5'5 or 5'6 and the industry just doesn't sign anyone under 5'7 or 5'8. It's really unfortunate honestly and I wish the industry could normalize more heights and sizes.

  9. I remember when I was 13 I changed my profile picture to a selfie on Facebook. And yes, I now consider myself a model. Plus that bigger ginger girl said the industry doesn’t create beauty standards, yet after said she’s insecure about her body because of the industry standards. Like wtf choose one.

  10. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like some of their opinions didn't line up/makes sense… Like how can you say modeling doesn't encourage unhealthy beauty standard, when you agree/want to get photoshopped? Also, they say it's almost impossible to not be overly conscious of your body, which affects their own body image, then why wouldn't they think the same goes for average people who see mostly the exact same body type being modelled everywhere? I just find it very superficial…


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