iPadやスマホで絵の勉強ができる『オンラインお絵かき教室』を体験してみた【お絵かき講座パルミー / Palmie】






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14 Comments to “iPadやスマホで絵の勉強ができる『オンラインお絵かき教室』を体験してみた【お絵かき講座パルミー / Palmie】”

  1. えもこさんの動画、いつも楽しくとても勉強になっています!パルミーはクリスタだけじゃなくiPad向けにプロクリエイトも紹介していたり、とてもきめ細やかなニーズに応えてくれているのだととても参考になりました!ありがとうございます!

  2. На удивление у ролика есть русские субтитры, спасибо.
    Вы только послушайте какой у неё милый голос. Поставить на фон и можно наслаждаться попутно листая месенджер.

  3. いつも楽しく動画を見させていただいてます!

  4. Yeeeeeeeep, heard of Palmie (And Ichi-Up) wAY before you announced it.
    Too bad it's in Japanese only (But I had at least studied Japanese since 7wwww) for foreigners to use. Due to the language barrier between the two, we wouldn't get the concept overseas, but with just enough vocabulary, it's not so bad.
    Anyways, there is some sUPER useful tips on the Palmie site for beginners, and even followed on Twitter! They also colored code sections of the body and get to the shading/highlighting too! I find these quite helpful for me to teach to my friends and observe what's going on to use in my art works. Fun to use, and easy to navigate, I definitely recommend this.


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