Make your Lettering look like Water and Soap: a Procreate tutorial

this is a video that’ll show you how to make Soapy watery lettering in Procreate for iPad

You can grab all of the brushes I’ve used at

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15 Comments to “Make your Lettering look like Water and Soap: a Procreate tutorial”

  1. I am struggling with this. When you select your purple negative layer and then Change pick to black, your purple negative layer does not change. Mine immediately changes to black. You have your negative layer un checked, however if I try to select my negative layer unchecked it immediately prompts me to “show the layer”.
    When I select my layers and then fill the new layer above it doesn’t show the font like yours does. Lots of positive comments so I’m guessing it’s something on my end.

  2. Great effects, but it's almost impossible to follow along at the rate you go, while trying to read and look at what you're doing at the same time. I'd love to do it–but after starting and stopping hundreds of times, it's wearing me out!

  3. That is awesome! However, I got too confused and had to stop and just watch. Maybe I will come back at another time to try again! Thanks you for all the effort. I wish you would talk to describe your steps…especially for us beginners (and start at the beginning, not part way through). Cheers!

  4. J B

    Love the effect. I’m new to digital art and wondering if you have a recommendation for lettering. I followed the steps and mine didn’t look anything like it. I think it’s how I did the lettering. Maybe it was too small.

  5. This is amazing! I don’t know how you figure this stuff out but I’m so grateful you do because not so sure I could! Your tutorials are incredible and I will have to take serious notes. Thank you so much!

  6. This is amazing; in the middle of the process, I doubted mine would turn out, but it looks great. I am definitely going to practice more. Thanks for the subtitles, I appreciate them, they make this tutorial even better!

  7. Awesome tute Abbie! Is there a reason why you do not speak in your tutes though? It would be so much easier to follow along as reading the steps along with what you are doing is too much to take in.
    Just a thought.

  8. Hello Abbie! Great tutorial as usual. You're really a great teacher!!
    But, if I may write my point of view, these kind of tutorials are a little bit too complex, too many steps to achieve the final results. Ok, I think that the main issue here is that Procreate, although is an amazing app (simply the best for digital painting) it lacks too many rather simple features, like adding simple and fast effects on the layers, like Emboss, 3D, Shadows and so on…
    Doing all these kind of stuff manually is certainly useful for a practicing purposes but not so much in real life. To many manual steps to achieve a simple effect.
    For example doing that in Affinity Photo is much more easy and maybe we can use Procreate just for the final stage, when we can use just the Liquify tool and some other little adjustments.
    But anyway..this is only my point of view.


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