Nelson Rigg Compression Bags

Nelson Rigg Compression Bags intended for Motorbike Travel. We’ve been creating the absolute best motorbike clothes, gentle baggage and motorbike addresses since 1972.. Great way to individual expending filthy clothing during the street.

Great way to individual clean/dirty clothing during the street. Nelson Rigg provides usually resolved riders’ requirements in the type of the items. Very regularly all of us listen to “my bicycle simply doesn’t have sufficient storage space space”. Just one point keeping the product from five begins for me personally — the compression connectors. Among my own arrived from the manufacturing plant with a distort in this.

Nelson Rigg RG-055 Device Move Bag

Spent a couple weeks two up in Canada lately using the equipment compressed during these hand bags. Bags shrink up to 30% smaller sized than outlined size, permitting more space for storage. I possess a number of Nelson Rigg items that are great quality and inexpensive, great customer support as well. These types of are items which can not be offered because “New” products and are limited to share available.

Probably they will not last because long because my heavier responsibility hand bags, however they are lighter. We love that among the connectors offers a clip that makes it simpler to replace the compression argument.

Nelson-Rigg Compression handbag — 20L

Compression Bag

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Nelson Rigg Compression Bags.