NOT a Question: Procreate 5X or Artstudio Pro 3.0?

Check out Fishman’s tutorial on Yiihuu:
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Also, here’s a fantastic tutorial by Livia Prima about character concept design:

Let’s see now, what can I say about Procreate and Artstudio Pro today? I don’t use my iPad as a daily desktop workstation anymore, which definitely changed my perspective on these apps. Also, we’re getting close to a point, where there will be literally everything in both apps, and it’s just about the difference in philosophy that makes a difference.

00:00 – Introduction
03:31 – Procreate 5X
10:57 – Artstudio Pro 3.0
19:28 – Thoughts.
28:28 – Secre† Ending

Drama Drama Trauma (Instrumental Version) – Ingrid Witt.mp3
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38 Comments to “NOT a Question: Procreate 5X or Artstudio Pro 3.0?”

  1. I switched from Procreate to Artstudio Pro because it’s for my workflow way better. The seeking point for me was that I can have the brush pop-up window still open to switch very fast between different brushes and erasers. In Procreate is it always Auto closing the brush pop-up and that’s a workflow killer for me.

  2. Can you use Procreate as a professional software for Illustration, Artdesign, Conceptdesign etc. – for Industries? Meaning can you use Procreate as a professional illustrator?
    Greetings from Leipzig 🙂

  3. I use Painter and Photoshop, and use ArtStudio and Procreate while on the go like you.

    Another key feature that I like about Artstudio, is that your pixels aren’t cropped when moved beyond image area. I know Procreate crops to control bloated file sizes, but this cropping is a deal-breaker when you’re trying to make image composites.

  4. None of those ones, procreate isn't for Pro work because the limitation of the brushes, in other hand tablets doesn't have the enough power to really match a Desktop then in case you are an enthusiast go for Clip Studio Paint that is a real illustration software don't waste your money and time with procreate

  5. I only wanted ipad cause I heard procreate is very good and almost as good as Photoshop, only to get one and buy procreate and end up not liking it too much cause of the brushes and setup…I'm thinking about just subbing to clip studio paint cause I ended up liking it alot more but with it having subscription instead of one time buy I'm gonna still check out art studio and see if I like it cause if so I might use it either alone if its just as good as csp or along with csp if its not but feels better than procreate and almost close to Photoshop or csp, I just want a program thats portable and works like I guess Photoshop and csp lol

  6. Seeing this reminds me that I actually have artstudio and have only tried it once. I should probably try it more as I have NEVER been able to get into procreate. I keep trying but it just doesn't do it for me. It just feels so weird and I can't figure out how to blend in it like Photoshop, CSP, and Medibang which I use regularly. So if Artstudio has a more photoshop-feel maybe it's time to try it again… I just feel stubborn about Procreate since it's all the rage. Like "I must be doing something very wrong if everyone except me loves it…"

  7. As someone new to art/digital art, last time I did anything art related was maybe 15 years ago, I tend to lean towards art studio pro. For a few reasons.

    Before I went full iPad only I spent a lot of time with photoshop post processing photography. So ASP feels familiar.

    Next the brush engine in ASP feels so much better to use. Procreate just feels really off. I think it has to do with how ASP uses a global pressure curve as well as pressure curves inside the brush dynamics as well which leads to tons of control customization.

    Last but by far not the least is the flat blur average blending. This is by far so natural looking and let’s you keep a nice paint like clean blend without making the transition look so fuzzy. As someone who leans towards that painterly approach this is just a must have.

  8. The power in Art studio that I already try is, YOU CAN USE PROFESSIONAL FREE PHOTOSHOP BRUSH, plus your brush lol.
    Dang that was amazing, the setting didnt change too much and I am glad for that. And I didnt have to go to my laptop to add effect now.
    And now you can make straight line and shape in Artstudio, even you cant edit it like in procreate, its still gamechanging because if you dont like how you make shape in photoshop, this is very useful in Artstudio.
    100% working on ipad is best.

  9. ill have to give artstudio a try since painting in photoshops been my thing for years. procreats great but the "wow" factors dont wow me…its just more things tolearn and remember. id rather go with what im used to.

  10. I bought the tutorial and I gotta say, it is really good so far. It has been a bit difficult to translate most of the things to clip studio paint (specially because I needed to create my own bruses to go along with the tutorial) but it is helping me a lot. Thanks for the recommendation and cupon code! 😀


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