PROCREATE 5: Neon Brush Pack Tutorial!

PROCREATE 5 NEW BRUSH STUDIO – Learn how to create a Neon Brush in Procreate 5!
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21 Comments to “PROCREATE 5: Neon Brush Pack Tutorial!”

  1. Important Update : If you are trying to use the brushes but you keep getting a single colour stroke every time you draw, you need to go into PREFERENCES / EDIT PRESSURE CURVE, then hit the RESET button at the bottom of the Pressure Curve Graph Window. That will bring your pressure curve back to default and you will see the gradient brushes working again just like in this video. Thanks!!

  2. B2

    Hey man, So I'm getting confused at the color dynamics part. I've done everything correct but once you slide the hue and saturation under "stroke color jitter" It still won't change color as a neon tube would. It just goes through the colors of the rainbow when I slide it. Any suggestions on what might be going on??

  3. This does not work for me when I am on the drawing pad trying to draw it the neon colors do not show up. My curve is at the original set curve and I’ve followed the video step by step and I’m still not getting the neon.. please help!

  4. Cannot download anything from Gumroad into my procreate . Worked for 3 hours so far . Had trouble importing the pictures of the neon. I give up. Finally they came into my Dropbox but it. Took awhile but he. Has a less dense version

  5. I have a question , why doesn’t it work for me but every time I click on the brush and it goes to editing it’s shows it but when I try it it doesn’t work and also I’m on pro create 5 so pls answer


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