Procreate Layers Tutorial – Everything You Need To Know

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This Layers Tutorial is a Part of a “Master Procreate App for Beginners” Course you can read more about here:

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19 Comments to “Procreate Layers Tutorial – Everything You Need To Know”

  1. Thank you so much! You helped me so much to really understand how easy it is to copy and paste a layer to different images as well as better understand how to use the layer menu combined with the selection tool. So helpful! Also, merging down and combine down was very confusing until I watched your example. Thank you!

  2. I am wondering, does that mean once i have used up all the layers, example 18 layers, can I merge all of them into one so that I can add more layers, i.e. 19, 20 etc? I am thinking to get an iPad Air but just found out that there is layer limitation on procreate…

  3. This is a well planned out lesson with excellent instruction. I picked up a BIG tip. Using the N under layers to get the opacity controls etc. I've seen people using the opacity controls under layers instead of the giant opacity across the top of the screen but I could never get anyone to tell me HOW they got the opacity there. You did! That will help me SO much. Thank you.

  4. I hope there is something out there that will help me to even understand what this was about. Ive been playing with layers and just seem to f everything up!


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