Testing Out A New Water Blackhead Vacuum | TINA TRIES IT

In today’s episode of Tina Tries It, I test out a new Bubble Blackhead Vacuum Suction device. Does it work? Watch to find out!
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Product Used:
Bubble Blackhead Suction

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20 Comments to “Testing Out A New Water Blackhead Vacuum | TINA TRIES IT”

  1. Mine isn't dangerous. Idiots are the danger. Never use on high, and keep it moving. The marks never last more than 36 hours and will suck up every blackhead you have. The vacuums work, and work well.

  2. Your video would have been good if you wouldn't keep putting the item directly in front of your face while talking about it and removing the heads. Otherwise was a good review.

  3. Hi Tina! Do you know how we can purchase more cotton replacement filters for the tubing so that the gunk doesn't go through the machine? I can't seem to find them anywhere.

  4. Hi Tina, I have come across this ad uses this video of yours to sell their products on other social medias for double the price!! It is called Hydrodermabrasion Device on GlamousSkins website. Do they have your permission to use this video!? Regards.

    I love your videos by the way~

  5. Hey Tina, I don’t know if you know this, but I was an advertisement today on Snapchat that used your face and review to promote the product by SteelSkin. I’m not a regular watcher of yours, but I YouTubed the product and found you. Just thought I would let you know just in case they’re using it without your consent etc

  6. Was on FB and saw part of this video used in an ad for “Cleansey,” which I think is a different product and brand. I just wanted you to know that they were using your videos and image in case you didn’t know.


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